Foldable for learning the passé composé with avoir

passé composé foldable
passé composé foldable

Fold this sheet like a fan to see the different past participles of regular ER, IR, and RE verbs in the passé composé. I have also included some common irregular past participles. {You can cut those off if it is too soon for your students to learn them.}

Younger students may need assistance in folding.

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passé composé foldable

passé composé foldable


This is a downloadable pdf file.

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2 Responses to Foldable for learning the passé composé with avoir

  1. Meghan Bachtel says:

    Although my French 2 students initially had some issues with the logistics of folding, this tool really helped internalize the concept of the two-part construction of the past tense in French. Many of my students have taken Spanish and thus had a lot of trouble figuring out that there are two parts to the passé composé, unlike the one part to the Spanish preterite tense. Excellent resource!

    • ghd says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I usually tell my students to fold it any direction to make the initial creases, then we all fold it together correctly.
      I am glad that they found it useful.