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luggage tags printable1
luggage tags printable1

printable luggage tags

Are you packing your bags to go somewhere?  Is your luggage the same black rolling bag that everyone has? Yes or no, make your stuff stand out with these new printable luggage tags.  This printable is FREE. They fit nicely in the standard luggage tag laminating pouch.  I have created six colorful and whimsical designs for

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party hat

Party hat template

Do you need a party hat for a kids birthday party.  These are cool and easy to do. Here is the free template.  Enjoy.  

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calling card 1
enclosure card

Customizable Enclosure cards

I heart enclosure cards.  They are great to grab and go on the way out the door to the birthday party. The enclosure card is a not-so-distant cousin the the carte-de-visite or calling cards of yesteryear.  I want to savor some of these time-honored/tested/worn traditions.  {And that doesn't mean that everything that is old should be saved either... you

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