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Thanksgiving cards

This time of year is getting busier, but it’s not as hectic as December.  For the past two years, I have sent out Thanksgiving cards.  They are two-sided.  One with a picture of the boys {or family} on our yearly family vacation and the other side with either another fun family photo {or a picture […]

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Getting “high” in New Mexico

There is something strange about agreeing to get into a basket with your whole family to float about 2400 feet above the ground using only hot air to hold you aloft.  Who would have dreamed this up, you ask?  The French, of course.  Something completely impractical, but incredibly beautiful; that’s so French.  {and they’ve been […]

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mud-luscious & puddle-wonderful.

“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”  e.e. cummings My two little guys are wonderful.  They love getting dirty and refuse to take baths and showers.  They are full of energy and the more you push them on the more energy they seem to have.  But they didn’t start out that way. They started as squeezy […]

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j’adore l’amitié

That’s “i love friendship” in French. This week’s I {heart} faces photo challenge is about friendship. Here’s a photo of my son and his friend goofing off in front of the lens.  Friendship to me is about being whoever you are and not worrying about what your friend will think. Enjoy. SPL Check out the […]

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I love a sleeping babe

Wow, newborns are so cuddly.  Here’s a quick preview of a recent newbie session. Enjoy. SPL Get the free template from PuglyPixel here.

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Returning the super squishy drooliness

My husband and I have decided that two boys are all the kids we need.  We love them mightily and are desperately trying to cherish as many moments as we can with them until they start to like girls, grow facial hair and only need us for the car.  We get glimpses of these older-kid moments […]

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Christmas in August?

  I just missed the Christmas in July boat, but I’m ready for some cool air to blow right about now.  August is usually the most unbearable month here in Southeastern Virginia. And, so I thought that I’d deliver a Christmas-y preview of this little six month old love.  He was such a cutie.  We got […]

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The enclosure card {updated}

I heart enclosure cards.  They are great to grab and go on the way out the door to the birthday party.  I have my kids write a small sentiment on the back and voilà; you have a cute personalized card for any occasion.  And, if you know me, you know that we are often running […]

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free printable luggage tags

Are you packing your bags to go somewhere this summer?  Is your luggage the same black rolling bag that everyone has? Yes or no, make your stuff stand out with these new printable luggage tags.  This printable is FREE. They fit nicely in the standard luggage tag laminating pouch.  I have created six colorful and […]

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Well this senior-ita is not Spanish or even a Spanish speaker, but she does like Latin.  (Canis in via sedet.  Coquus in culina coquit.  My Latin teacher would be so proud to know that I know where the dog is sitting and the cook is cooking.  She did write our book.) I had the opportunity to […]

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