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Geaux, and geaux early!

So, I got a call to take a family portrait at Popeyes Restaurant.  Yup, the fast food fried chicken joint.  This displaced New Orleans family craved a holiday portrait set at our local slice of Louisiana.  At 8:30 AM {because we had to get there before it opened} and battling the direct sunlight, I shot […]

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Turn your photo into energy

Go to this link to turn your photos into energy.  GE will donate wind, solar or water power for every photo that you upload.  It’s easy.  I did it. Upload photo here

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oh my, what cuties

Here is an adorable brother/sister pair.  They moved around A LOT, but probably due to the distraction of my son, who was lingering in the background (and sometime wandering into the shot.)  I wouldn’t recommend dragging a four-year old out while you’re trying to get a three-year-old and 18 month old to focus.   But this […]

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nope, i didn't kiss the stone

I can’t think of much worse than kissing a rock that millions of others have kissed before.  Yuck!  I am not germophobic; however, I didn’t see the charm in this tradition.  And since I have been told that I already possess the gift o’ gab {your apparent reward for leaning over backwards and puckering up […]

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the lady on her own

I showed you the snaps I took of my friend and her little boy, but I didn’t show you all the fun ones of the lady on her own.  She’s pretty good on the guitar as well, though I can’t capture the sound on my camera. Enjoy the images despite their silence.  SPL

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mother, son and guitar

I had the opportunity to photograph a woman and her guitar and her son.  We had a fun time in the backyard.  You have to love little boys and their sense of humor.  This big guy did not want to sit still and loved to make faces.  We went with it.  Here are a few […]

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filing auto insurance claims at glendalough

On our third stop in Ireland, we were hit by a bus in our brand new rental car.  Yes, that’s right, a tour bus backed into us and, since the roads are unnervingly narrow, we had nowhere to go.  The driver disembarked from his enormous vehicle and started apologizing in what we found out later […]

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powerscourt gardens

Here is the second installment of my Ireland series, Powerscourt Gardens.  Just south of Dublin,  this house and gardens are one of the most famous in the country.   To get there, we embarked on our first driving {on the left side of the road} adventure.   I use “adventure” in all senses of that word.  […]

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Dublin, IE

Me hubby and I took a trip to the Emerald Isle this summer to celebrate the fact that we’ve managed to stay married for 10 years.  No small task, as anyone with at least 10 years of togetherness and two kids can attest to.  The trip and our ten years have been memorable, exhausting, and […]

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i don’t do weddings

…and I sometimes do what I say I won’t do.  Well, the story is that I was just tagging along for fun.  I’m not a wedding photographer.  The stress could kill me.  Hats off to those brave souls out there who battle the wishes of brides and future mother-in-laws, etc.  I am not stepping into […]

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